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Lisa Czawlytko

We like to call LISA CZAWLYTKO, “Lisa from Baltimore”. Lisa has quickly become in demand with Choreography Central with a long earned reputation for excellence in cheerleading and dance. Lisa is someone who really has “been there, done that.” Some highlights…

Lisa began her career as an internationally competitive gymnast. She captured many state and U.S. national titles. Shortly after qualifying as a Junior Olympian, Lisa decided to explore a different sport at the age of 14.. She became a cheerleader for two U.S. teams. She cheered on an all girl statewide competitive team which captured 7 state championships. And she cheered on a Co-Ed High School Team reigning as the Co-Ed National Champs! During these years, Lisa competed as an individual and was named Maryland's BEST Cheerleader. She was the finalist for National Cheerleader of the year, where she debuted in American Cheerleader magazine.

Lisa CzawlytkoLisa Czawlytko became a collegiate dancer at Towson University in Baltimore, MD, proving her dance skills were right up there with her cheer and gymnastics ones. She became captain and led the team to two college national championships as a performing member. Upon graduating college with degrees in Marketing, Finance, and Political Science, Lisa stayed on as Full-time college coach for the dance team at Towson. As coach, she has helped the team win three more National Championships and two Grand National Championships.

Lisa has debuted on many TV networks including ESPN and CBS Sports, and USA network. With the NFL Baltimore Ravens, Lisa became captain of the team, and a super milestone, was winning the Super Bowl. Duties included touring over 12 countries to entertain the US troops as an NFL cheerleader.

Some other performance work includes the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland / New Year's Day Parade in London, England / Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, New York / Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Pro-Bowl Halftime performances with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sugar Ray / Citrus Bowl Halftime Performances / World Cup Pre-Game with American Idol, Justin Guarini / and MLS Pre-Game Performances. Lisa is also recognized for her competitive skills in track and field and is proud of her community service.


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