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"Hey Michelle...just thought I would let you  know... Yesterday we were  in the Champion Cheer Charity Classic benefitting the Victory Junction Gang Camp here in Randleman. We took first place in our division and best tumbling  overall. There was level 3 and 4 all star teams competing, so I am extremely  proud of that tumbling thing. The girls are really impressed with the routine.  One told me the other day that in the past... she had thought routines were  difficult, but she knows this one is because no matter how many times we go  through it, she is still out of breath by the end! Thanks again for all your help...."
Cristie Efird, RN
Greensboro, NC
ATMS Bulldogs
"MICHELLE...Lisa is wonderful! I wouldn't trade her for anyone! My kids have learned so much in such a short amount of time, I'm so proud of them and glad to have Lisa here!"
Jackie Mueller
Coach/Advisor, JDS Allstars, PA
"Michelle, Everything went extremely well. The girls loved Joelle. She was extremely professional and challenged them to push to an entirely new level. We love our material... The music sounds great... We are looking forward to cleaning and perfecting the routine over the next few weeks. We plan on working on the routine as if we were to take it to competition, so I can expose the team to the level of work they will need to dedicate, if they wish to compete next year. Thank you for this experience, and I look forward to working with you in the future."
Christine Martin
Coach Elon Dance Team
North Carolina
"WOW! Shyra and Goldie were amazing!!! We all love the routines, they're exactly what we have been looking to do for the past several years. The girls, Kim and I are so excited to start practice and hit the competition year. Honestly, my daughter just text (ed) me and again said that the Sr. routine is GREAT! Thanks for all of your and the girls efforts and support."
Laurie Harvey
Lighting Allstars, NJ
"'All good' is putting it lightly. Our choreography experience was phenomenal. The whole experience exceeded the varsity coach, school advisor and my expectations. (Our choreographer) was extremely talented and knowledgeable with all aspects of the right ingredients to a winning competition routine. The girls were so thrilled with their routine and music they actually continued to practice during their break time. We can't wait to show it off at our first competition. We had a great weekend! Thank-you Michelle."
Kim Cargill
Coach, Leigh High School, Northern CA
"Everything was fabulous!!! The senior routine looks awesome already. I was very pleased with the work your staff did. They were very professional and enthusiastic. I would highly recommend your company to everyone. The girls loved Danial, Irazmi, and Cool. I can't thank you enough. They have already asked if we can have the same people again next year!!!"
Stacey Musey
Starbound Cheer, NJ
"I had to e-mail you and tell you Shyra was amazing. She was great with the girls and did an awesome job. ....Also how early do I need to worry about booking her for next year? Thanks so much for everything. It has been a pleasure working with you and your company."
Amie Burns
Allstars, Indiana
"I just wanted to let you know that our varsity team placed first at the NCA Windy City Classic. Thanks to you, Cool and Dove for helping us choreograph the routine. The music was perfect, as was the dance and stunting. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next year."
Erin Danna-Bailey
Lockport High School
"You can't imagine what a thrill it was for our girls to place at JAMZ! Given our seemingly insurmountable obstacles, i.e. no coach, a flat routine, little to no outside support, less than 1/2 our original team, etc., we were afraid to be too hopeful. So many people told us we were setting up the girls for failure.
We needed nothing short of a miracle and you and your staff provided it! With absolutely no lead time to prepare, you took what little we had to work with and created a masterpiece! I can't thank you enough, Michelle. If you come through for all of your clients, like you did for us, I know you'll be successful in all your future endeavors."

Gail Sheppard
Cheerleading Advisor, Jr. Midgets, Brea, CA
"'We have had a lot of success with our routines this year.. we just won states with the senior squad.. we are well on our way to hopefully getting a national title.. I have had a lot of positive feedback on the routines and would love to work with your org. again."
Dawn Gailey
Beaver County Coyotes
"Michelle and Danial- Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar given to the dancers at SSHS. They are still talking about what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed the session. It's nice to have professionals in the industry come in and tell the students the same things we've been telling them all along...sometimes it makes the biggest impression when they hear it from someone other than their "every day" dance teacher. I have come to the conclusion that I don't care how they "get it" but rather care that they "get it." I was really happy to hear you emphasize the importance of performance quality...especially at auditions when you're trying to "stand out" and land a job. We really need to be working on that much more at the high school. I am so glad I was able to find you. Michelle made such a huge impression on me as a young adult and I really wanted to pass that experience onto my students at the High School.
I can still remember taking class from Michelle (who was notorious for her "killer" across the floor combos) I remember your combos changing direction mid combo with a lot of floor work- they were exhausting but awesome! I have such great memories and only wished I had pursued more professional industry opportunities as a young dancer...when youth is really on your side. Anyway, life has a funny way of working out as it always seems to come 'full circle."

Karen Giles Buell
Coach/Instructor, Santa Susanna High School, CA
"We are getting great scores on creativity as well as many other areas in our routine. Our teams have been placing in the majority of all competitions in the top 3. Melissa and I still love the routines and music. Thanks again for all of your help. This will be our last year coaching so we are extremely pleased that we can go out with 2 of our best routines that we've ever had throughout our entire coaching career. Thanks again and I will highly recommend Choreography Central to any cheer coach looking for a truly creative and original routine."
Jonna Chalifoux
Five Star Elite, MI
"My team had the opportunity to work with Shyra and Goldie. The team really enjoyed their experiences with them both. They were friendly with the girls and extremely helpful. The routine they made up is unlike any we have had before. It is... unique and difficult. This routine will win many competitions. I will definitely have your organization do the choreography for our upcoming seasons for many years to come."
Dawn Gailey
Coach, Beaver County Coyotes
"Michelle, thank you so much for sending Heather-- she is fantastic! I loved her, my girls loved her, and the dance was perfect. Our girls did well with the dance, as it was just what they were looking to do. It truly couldn't have gone any better..."
Sue Zoner
Coach, Michigan
"I was 100% satisfied and we would love to have you guys back again sometime. Thank your staff again for me for being so great with my kids, they had a terrific weekend. We will keep in touch and let you know how everything goes once we take the routines to competition."
Jody Sheppard
Dance Etc., Kentucky
"Congratulations!!! The senior coed squad took FIRST PLACE in the small coed, all music division at the 2004 UCA Gulf Coast All Star National Championship.... with Choreography Central's routine..."
LA Cheer Force
"CONGRATS to the Space Coast Allstars--for taking the CHAMPIONSHIP in the Intermediate Sr. Small Coed Division at Florida Cheer and Dance Championships! We are delighted that the talents of Irazmi, Kyle and Michelle helped bring it on!"
Intermediate Sr Sm Coed, Space Coast All-Stars
"I just wanted to let you know that our varsity team placed first at the NCA Windy City Classic. Thanks to you, Cool and Dove for helping us choreograph the routine. The music was perfect, as was the dance and stunting. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next year."
Erin Danna-Bailey
Lockport High School
"We took FIRST PLACE in the Varsity USA Boardwalk Song/Pom (division) competition-a first for our team. Thanks so much for everything."
Nancy Woods
Coach for Palma HS Spirit team
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