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Choreography Workshops and Master ClassesOur Workshops are unique. We are the only company to offer these services and these packages. We’ve designed these workshops through many years of experience working with beginners through professional dancers in Tokyo, London, Paris, Tel-Aviv, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York.

In addition, we have SPECIAL INSTRUCTOR workshops.

We include the skills necessary to make it in the business of show business! MARKETING YOURSELF!

Choreography Central workshopPro dancers and pre-professionals can learn what it takes to get picked out of a crowd. What are professional choreographers looking for when they cast? Is it always the choreographer who picks? What to wear, how to create that special you... your “look”.

We also talk about the changing climate in the dance business...the trends, the tricks.

Our younger participants learn about motivation, team work, how to gain confidence, and all those very important character traits that you need to develop long-term. These are traits that will help you whether or not dance is your chosen profession. These are character traits you can use in Life! Our AUDITION portion of the workshop takes about a half day, depending on the number of participants. All exercises are done on-camera, for immediate visual feedback, with comments.

We conduct a mock AUDITION and the pressure is on!

Major Hip Hop Choreographers from MTVThe next portion of the Workshop concentrates on CHOREOGRAPHY. You build it! You create it! We give you the tools... Each student will learn the general scope of creating a piece of choreography. We talk about the rhythms, music choices, formations, groupings, environment, themes and story. This is always the icing on the cake to a wonderful and full Workshop,so much fun to watch. Cheer Teams: We will structure these clinics to your liking, emphasizing: team unity, motivational skills, esteem-building, community involvement, team discipline, practice skills!

(310)477-2118 M-S 9-6 Pacific Time
Competitive Drill, Cheer & Dance Team Routines (You are here!) Workshops & Clinics Recent Projects & News Company History Testimonials Talent / Choreographers Contact Us Choreography Central Home